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14195 Beachview Drive, Crystal River, FL, 34429

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We have found that a written Agreement outlining fully our mutual understanding of the rights and obligations affecting both you (“Guest,” or “You”) and us (“the Host,” or “We”) throughout the course of our rental relationship is the best way to ensure that the parties have indeed reached and do share such an understanding. It is our consistent intention to deal with our Guests fairly and with complete integrity, to help relieve the stress often involved in arranging for lodging in a faraway place, and (in short) to offer the most positive lodging experience possible throughout the entire course of your stay. We regard the opportunity to host you as a privilege, and genuinely want to meet or even exceed your expectations. We ask that you carefully review the following terms, and to please bring to our attention any questions or concerns you might have, no matter how small. If a matter is important to you, it is also important to us.


This is intended and understood to be a legally binding agreement.

1. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY/ NATURE OF USE. Occupancy is reccommned for 6 to 8 per home we will allow up to 10 per home, if you take both homes.  Please be sure you have checked the bed configeration for each home. This  primarily to realistically enhance your experience during your stay.  We would like to accommodate you if possible, But have put a great deal of time and thought into these guidelines.  We have found it a useful and mutually beneficial practice to invite our guests to enjoy the home exactly as they would their own. We would like for you to relax in and enjoy the place that way, and also take an interest in respecting, and helping to care for, and protect it. Larger social gatherings (say 30 or more), including parties, are not generally allowed, with out writen invoice with all regesterred, in order to avoid damage to the home or its contents and to contribute to peace and quiet in the area. Violation of this rule is totally uncool, and if we feel the violation to be sufficiently disrespectful and/or see damage done as a result, grounds will exist for immediate expulsion. Let's please not have to go through that; it is not what we are here for.  It's a much better practice to just communicate. We are open and agreeable kind of people who have been known to love a great party ourselves. And, we want to see you have a great time while you are our guests. Depending on the nature of the gathering, we might have no problem. Please understand that we cannot approve open invitation parties, where you don't know the number coming. There is nothing necessarily wrong with such events, at all, just plan on celebrating them elsewhere.  To sum it up: if you should have in mind any ideas for a social gathering, by all means: let’s please talk about it.

      We have parking for a Max of 12 cars on the island. Beond that we start taking damage to irragation, Low voltage lights, and more. Ther is no parking in any of the island grass! if you have more for a day event, we may be able to arrange close by parking off site for a noninal fee.

 I understand that being caught with unregestered overnight or day guest  or pets can mean total loss of deposit.   All guest must be regestered befor coming on property.   Do rember Management is on site to check.


2. CHECK IN & OUT, TIMES. Check in is any time after 4 P.M. EST, and checkout is by 10:00 AM EST, unless other arrangements have been specifically requested and agreed upon.  Should any adjustment to these times be required by circumstance, we will try our very best to be flexible, but nevertheless ask that you please let us know at the earliest possible time. Since we must often clean and prep the places completely after “back to back” rentals, and it is only we two and we have our own high standards for your satisfaction and enjoyment, early arrival tends to induce stress! Please give us time to present the places the way we’d like to. It will be well worth the wait. If you will be arriving after 5:00 pm, arrangements can easily be made for check in at absolutely any hour thereafter that might be convenient for you, around the clock. Should you be arriving earlier than we can accommodate your moving in, we will be more than happy to hold your luggage for you while you go “out on the town” for a while. Also, arrangements can easily be made for check in at absolutely any hour after the above time that may be convenient, around the clock.


3 SMOKING OUTSIDE ONLY, PLEASE. This is a nonsmoking unit, inside. Smokers are welcome to indulge anywhere they might choose, outside. Ashtrays happily provided upon request. 





4. MANNER OF PAYMENT, OPTIONS. In order to secure the reservation, just let us know that you are ready to proceed and an Invoice will be immediately emailed out to you.  Payment can be made by credit card, via PayPal, or other convenient means. The reservation is finalized only when payment is received, so prompt payment will best assure that your lodging arrangements will be secure. We have put into place the “first pay, first book” policy explained in the accompanying letter in order to avoid the drama of competing claims for a given time on a property. It does not matter who might have said what, when, or what might have been understood. The first paying party receives the booking.  Simple.  Payment made, property booked. There: one less thing to worry about!


5. REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT. Payment of a fully refundable $250 per home or 1000 for party  groups, or groups of  over 16 guest.This is not a fee but is a  security (damage/cleaning/guest overage”) deposit  . The deposit is put as a hold on a card and as long as no damage the house is left to the check out sheet and the guest count was as on contract. Then the deposit auto drops off the card with in 5 days or departure.

No damage has been done to home or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear; 

The over night and day guest counts you regestered for are corect befor they come on the property

The oven, Referator or for that matter any other part of the place, has not been left in such a filthy condition that the line   between “use” (which we would freely encourage), and “abuse” has been crossed*;

All keys gate openeres have been left on the counter of each home , or  alternatively wherever they were first retrieved. Please do leave the place lunlocked

No items (including linens) are missing, lost, or damaged.**


Notes:  *Just dirty or messy is regrettable, but will NOT result in forfeit of your deposit. Again, we are not looking to take your money here. The kind of problem referred to here is of the kind that you definitely “know when you see it:” (1) an undue amount of our time and energy will obviously be needed to rectify or put the place back in order for the next guests, and (2) you would probably NEVER abide living with in your own home, or would have been displeased or disgusted to be surprised with it upon your arrival.


** Please. We understand that accidents of various kinds do happen. (And, if it might indicate an unsafe situation having to do with the building or its fixtures, which could be addressed to avoid potential harm or hassle to other guests, we certainly need to know about it.) Please just let us know if something breaks, or if a cooking pan has been blackened seemingly beyond repair, or whatever. Your honesty will be appreciated, and no penalty will necessarily be imposed. Please do not hide broken shards under the bed or behind a cabinet, where we might cut ourselves cleaning the place up, or stuff that disgusting pan away in the back of a top shelf, to be found God knows how long later!


Just remember: you are invited to treat and enjoy the house as your own. As noted, accidents do happen. (I suppose that is part of what makes us Human!) We hope that you will relax and fully enjoy yourselves, but along the way also take decent care of the place, and help us to provide you (and the next guests, and those after) with the very best experience to be had.  Thank you. 


6. CANCELLATIONS. Relax: we are in this for “the long haul,” and know that any successful enterprise is (or should be!) built upon a foundation of fair dealing and attentive customer service. We do not want to take your money, unless it has been happily earned.  Good karma is good business; we are certainly not looking to take unfair advantage of anybody, or their circumstances. Nevertheless, it is important that you understand that once we have committed to keep your space open, we must consequently turn away any number of other guests ready and willing to pay. So here is our “balancing act,” protecting your interests and ours. Read this carefully (it’s simple), and abide by it. Everybody will be happy.  Reservations may be freely canceled upon request at any time prior to 60 days before the date of scheduled occupancy. 50.00 per home and 4% of money prossed on Cards, and we will hope to see you at some later date. Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay made within 45 days or less of the scheduled arrival date may result in forfeiture or adjustment of the refund to be paid. Cancellation or unilateral early departure does not warrant any refund of monies advanced. Cancelations in the last 60 days before stay are 75% refunded if the dates are rerented only.


7. Day guest charges  10.00 per guest

 no exception    if they are to be on the island more than 1 hour or use any of the amminitys tiki hut grills kayaks pool spa houses  then is 10 each per day.   If you are on of those that thinks they can lie to me and sneak by 25 people for the day saying they wont use the amminitys and then they day.  Please book else where. I love sharing my island with guest but have had it with scammers and lyers.  Our rates are what are rates are if you feel they are too much book someghing else.  


8. MINIMUM STAY. This property requires a THREE (3) NIGHT minimum stay.  14195 Beachview Drive, Crystal River, FL, 34429.  Rates include a onetime linen towel setup, and whatever other arrangements might have been specifically requested.  While linens and bath towels are provided and their cost included,  Also coin op washer drysers are on site for your convience daily maid service is not. . In the meantime, however, excellent laundry and housecleaning services are available if desired for a reasonable cost, just ask. Our housecleaning standards have been recognized as superb, and may facilitate the enjoyment of your stay.  Supplemental cleanings are recommended (but not required) for guests staying longer than two weeks. 


10. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS. Any reservation that we feel in our sole discretion to have been obtained under false pretense, to our detriment, will be subject to immediate cancellation and forfeiture of funds advanced (whether rent or deposit), and the party will not be permitted to check in. Or, if occupancy has already begun, it will be immediately terminated.  We have never had to exercise this provision, and hope to never have to.

11. Cancelation   more than 60 days out  is 50.00 per home and 4% of money proccesd. Less than 60 days 75% back if we rerent your booked times


12. LIABILITY OF HOST. We have made every effort to ensure that the unit is well maintained, sound, and safe. It is understood and agreed that we shall not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or other harm except that resulting from our own negligence.


13. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS. Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance. For the mutual convenience of the parties, it is understood and agreed that by making payment as requested, I (the Guest) shall have acknowledged and consented to all terms and conditions.  of this agreement, on behalf of myself and those in my party. No actual signature is required on this document to evidence the terms of rental, as stated. The date of this Agreement shall be the same as the date first payment has been made.

14. PET POLICIES  -  Pets are 10 per night min 40.00 each. With a 250.00 per pet deposit. Because we are situated in a wildlife area, we are compelled to adhere to similar rules as set forth by the State of Florida Parks and Recreation Department and have adopted the following guidelines:

                1 Always keep your dog leashed when outside the dwellings.

                2.  Always clean up after your dog by using a poop bag or pooper scooper.

                3.  Do not let your dog visit with other island-goers or dogs, unless welcomed.

                4.  Always pay attention to your dog for his safety and the wellbeing of others

          15. I am aware that this property is an Vacation Rental with attude not a resort and there fore

          That the office/caretakers home is at the far end of the pool. They are there to help you with any proplems you might have.

           The property has  help in 3 days a week to clean decks, fire ring, grills, pool. . Ussaly Mon Wednesday Fri 

          You are started off with toilet paper and paper towles but need to bring your own,

                      please be aware that the toilet paper is septic safe 

            As we do not know what soaps or conditioners you like so we do not suplly it. . Please bring your own 

         With your stay you will be provided 5 pieces of wood per day, it will all be out at your arrival. If you need more please bring it with you. Cords are hard to come by here this year 

            Each home is set up with 15 towles if you need more there are coin op laundery on site for your use 

         The waterfall is there for viewing, not to dive or jump off of. If you or anyone in your group goes on top if it you agree to imeditly depart the property with out refund

        All 3 grills are chacole so bring your own it is not furnished 





Agreed and Understood by Guest and Host.



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